The Green, Ingoldisthorpe

A 10-plot custom build site, with two additional affordable homes, brought on by custom build enabler LIVEDIN in Ingoldisthorpe, Norfolk.
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• Mixed Homes 

Key Points


  • For planning, explain that the application is for custom and self-build (CSB) housing and that it accords with the definition, setting out how it does this.
  • A well-put together Design Code can bridge the gap between design freedoms and control, which can reassure planners and neighbours about what will be built.
  • Consider how affordable housing requirements will be delivered, and what policy requires of these, as registered providers may not wish to engage with small unit numbers.
  • A communications strategy is an important aspect of any CSB application/scheme. Engagement with potential purchasers of plots early will help build support and evidence of local demand for CSB generally and the site specifically. It also facilitates earlier community engagement and buy in. As part of this approach, create a webpage early on to ensure you are tracking local demand. This gives you an audience to market to for plot sales and acts as a secondary source of demand. 
  • The enabler and the LPA should liaise early in regards to proposed planning conditions to ensure their compatibility with the proposed self-build delivery model. Phasing and delivery responsibility (whether by landowner or self-builder) is different on custom build sites and this needs careful consideration.