The Right to Build Task force was established in 2017 to support local authorities, community groups and other organisations as they work to increase the delivery of custom and self-build projects. Originally funded by the Nationwide Foundation, we are now part-funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. The Task Force was set up by the National Custom and Self Build Association, although it works completely independently from NaCSBA.   

We engage with councils across England and in the past year have worked with around 60 Local Planning Authorities. Supported by a panel of expert advisors, our focus is on ensuring custom and self-build statutory duties are carried out efficiently and, ultimately, delivering more high quality and affordable custom and self-build homes.

Currently we have two website running while the content is transferred over, with this site being the new home of the Right to Build Task Force. It is a beta/development version of the site that will replace righttobuildtoolkit.org.uk but you can still see all of the old content there. Any comments or queries about this new website should be sent to: taskforce@righttobuild.org.uk

If you cannot find the help you need within our Custom and Self-Build Planning Guidance or Advice Notes or you have any comments or queries about this website, please email us.