Professional services to support the delivery of custom and self build homes, at scale.

With a panel of custom and self build experts, the Right to Build Task Force works with local authorites, and also the private sector, offering free online resources and commissioned bespoke professional support. Expertise includes compliance with the ‘Right to Build’ legislation, strategic planning, policy and guidance, demand and wide-ranging advice on delivery including Affordable housing.


The right to build task force is recruiting for an acting head

The Task Force is looking for an Acting Head for an 8-month parental …

New Planning Guidance Note - PG3.4 Working with multi-plot sites to deliver custom and self build homes

The Task Force has uploaded a new note to its series of Planning Guidance notes: …

New Graven Hill study visit dates for May and July

Our next study trips to visit Graven Hill Village Development Company Limited are on the …

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